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Decrypt Laptops via an policy on the ePO Server

Hi all

I want to decrypt the harddisks of three laptops and I found an instruction with the following steps:

1)     Locate the systen you wish to encrypt in the systemtree

2)     Check the system's check box and press the actions button

3)     Select Agent and Modify Policy on a Single System

4)     Click Edit Assignment for Product Settings

5)     Select Break Inheritance and assign the policy

6)     Choose New Policy

7)     Create a policy based on My Default and name it Decrypt

8)     Uncheck "Enable Policy" under the General Tab (Is it correct to disable the policy??)

9)     Set Encryption to "None" under the Encryption Tab

10)     Save the Policy and ensure it is assigned to the laptop

11)     In the systemtree , check the box next to the laptop and click "Wake Up Agents"

12)     Check the "Force complete policy and task update" and click ok.

13)     Right click the McAfee icon on the laptop and choose McAfee Agent Status Monitor and Quick Settings -> Show Endpoint Encryption 14)     Status to verify agent communication.

15)     The Volume Status should switch from Encrypted to Decrypting and when finished the System State will show Inactive.

I tried it, but nothing happend. I also enabled the policy but did not function.

Can someone tell my how I can decrypt a Harddisk of a Laptop with the ePO Server.

Thank you very much



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Re: Decrypt Laptops via an policy on the ePO Server

What Product did you use? are you encrypt the HDD which O/S reside?

For decrypt process it's take a long time to process for whole HDD (especially for big HDD size)

If you are using EEFF then make sure the target system have "Allow Explicit Decrypt"


Re: Decrypt Laptops via an policy on the ePO Server

Hello uelideschwert,

Did you try the decryption process which you have mentioned because this is the process to be followed for decryption.


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Re: Decrypt Laptops via an policy on the ePO Server

I followed your steps and at first nothing happened after Waking up the Agent and forcing the policy. After trying to figure out what went wrong I performed another Agent Wakeup and Decryption started on the chosen pc. Thanks for sharing.