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Dead epo server, Can I just rebuild???

Hello, For the last few weeks we have had a couple of problems with our epo server not updating to version 4.5
Ive gone though the update and had to roll back several times.
Support have connected up and gone though the update but want more and more logs. Im struggleing to find time to get it sorted with them.
Im wondering if I just build a new epo 4.5 server with the same name and IP will all the clients just connect and work??
Also is there any way I can get the tasks etc out of our 4.0 server and import them into the 4.5 server??

Thanks in advance for any help!

Dave J
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RE: Dead epo server, Can I just rebuild???


I am a fairly new EPO admin (2 years) but i believe yes just building a new EPO 4.5 server with the same NAME and IP will work.


You will need the database from your old server.

Going through this in my head as i write this i would simply:-

1. Launch SQL on the old server.
2. Take the database offline.
3. Detach the database.
4. Copy the database file which would be located in the SQL DATA folder.
5. Paste the database onto the new server into SQL DATA folder.
6. Install EPO and reference the existing database during the install.

I'm sure one of the oldie EPO admins will respond to this and comment on my theory also.