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Dashboard: VSE: Top 10 computers with the most detections panel

I noticed in this default panel we have on the dashboard that it's consolidating all systems into a single line at the top of the list with a couple of computers listed after it. The first line is blank for the computer name and has a large number of detections next to it. How to I get it to stop bundling all these systems together?

For example:

VSE: Top 10 Computers with the Most Detections

System Name           Number of Threat Events

Total                                                                 3547

<blank>                                         3256

<system>                                                  58

<system>                                         39

<system>                                         37

<system>                                         34

<system>                                                  31

<system>                                                  31

<system>                                                  25

<system>                                         19

<system>                                                  17