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Daily Pull Task Issues on Master Repository Server

What seems to be happening on a regular basis now, is that our primary ePO server fails the "Master Repository - Daily Pull" task when pulling from McAfeeHttp. The EpoApSvr.log file shows a recent error message as such:


SiteMgr CheckInMirrorPackage: Verify file delta.ini size and hash failed, hr=-112

The fix that's been described in a few areas here have been to delete the DAT package on the primary ePO server, and then to run that Daily Pull task to download the package. I chose to change the download setting from McAfeeHttp to McAfeeFtp, and that seems to have worked as I now have the most current DAT file on my ePO server. The downside to this is that the Ftp site takes anywhere between 20-30 minutes to download my chosen packages (DAT, ExtraDAT, SuperDAT, Engine, VSE Patches), whereas using the Http site normally takes 5-10 minutes.

So my questions are this:

1) Is anyone else experiencing failing Pull tasks on what seems to be a regular basis?
2) Why does the Ftp site take so much longer to complete versus the Http one?

Thanks for listening to my rant, but I for one am getting sick of this Pull task failing so regularly.
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RE: Daily Pull Task Issues on Master Repository Server

I have had only one failure of my Pull task (last Saturday, 5/16) in recent memory.

How is your network configured? Any firewall or other appliances in the path that might cause problems?

What time of the day does your Pull task run? Perhaps try scheduling it to not start at the top of an hour. I would venture a guess that most ePo admins schedule their pull task to run at the top of the hour, so the load on the McAfee site would be higher then.

RE: Daily Pull Task Issues on Master Repository Server

Of course, now that I posted this reply I kicked off a pull task and it failed. happy

RE: Daily Pull Task Issues on Master Repository Server

We have things in place (i.e. firewalls) but 90% of the time that task runs just fine. It's just the other 10% or so that fails, which can really be irritating. I wish I knew why it happened so frequently.