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DLP manually

hellos  How to install DLP manually on computers]?

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Re: DLP manually

Create an installation package Create a package for installing a McAfee endpoint software product with Microsoft Systems Management Server. This procedure does not require ePolicy Orchestrator. Install Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86). The package can be downloaded from: familyid=200B2FD9‑AE1A‑4A14‑984D‑389C36F85647 Task 1 In the Systems Management Server console, right‑click Packages and select New | Package. 2 In the General tab, type the Package Name (required), and the Version, Publisher and Language (optional). 3 In the Data Source tab, select This Package Contains Source Files, then click Set. 4 In the Set Source Directory window under Source Directory Location, select the type of connection to the setup files in the source directory. Type the source directory path in the field and click OK. 5 In the Distribution Settings tab, select High from the Sending Priority drop‑down list, and click OK. The package appears under the Packages node of the site tree. 6 Expand the new package under the Packages node. 7 Right‑click Distribution Points and select New | Distribution Point. Select the server or servers you want to be the distribution points for this package, then click Finish. 8 Right‑click Programs and select New | Program. Type the application name.

In the Command Line field, type the McAfee DLP command line executable, for example: msiexec /I DLPAgentInstaller.msi /qn /forcerestart The .msi file name is extracted manually from the DLPAgentInstaller.x86.exe file. McAfee recommends restarting the managed computer after endpoint package installation. To enable this option use the /forcerestart parameter. To enable the installation log use /log  10 In the Environment tab, select Whether or not a user is logged on from the Program can run drop‑down list. Click OK. Verify that Run with Administrative Rights is selected. McAfee Data Loss Prevention Endpoint software setup requires administrator rights to complete installation successfully.

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