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DE 7.1 and EPO 5.1

Hi all

Unfortunately a server is no longer, and by various reasons no backup exists 

On this server I did run EPO 5.1 and also DE 7.1

Now my question (s)  is are ....

I do have the SQL server and the EPO database, can I export my DE users from Database and have them imported into new DB to be used in a new installation of EPO  

If I would set up EPO on a new server, how can I get my DE back managed into this new EPO installation

I actually do have the Security Keys from the no longer EPO server, if that would help

Do I need to mention that the Laptops out there are encrypted

Anybody been in this situation before and found a way out from it

Please any help most welcome

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Re: DE 7.1 and EPO 5.1

Hi motiondetection, maybe you can try to use the recover installation from existing databse option. Tjis appears when installing a fresh ePO server, if you choose this option you may be able to connect to the old epo's database and recover everything