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DBBAK and SQL Express Instances

EPO 4.01 DB=SQLExpress w/instance

Not having any luck running DBBAK (Backup Failed) but able to backup via Studio Express (so creds ok). Saw a KB article KB41143 that addresses dbbak can't bakup a named instance without using an alias. It references msde, so not sure if dbbak is different in 4.0.

Tried using DBBAK with servers name as <srvname> and <srvname>\instance.
In SQLExpress is the instance SQLEXPRESS or MSSQL$SQLExpress (aka MSDE)? In studio express my server is listed as <srvname>\sqlexpress, so I expect that is the instance.
No Joy, however I list the server name. For db I simply entered the DB name.

Created the alias via the KB, ran DBBAK with the alias but still no joy. Yup verified named pipes are enabled.

Wondering if other have successfully used dbbak with a named instance on SQLEXPRESS

Thanks for any thoughts.
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