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DAT version on ePO


I have install VSE to my endpoint via ePO but the DAT file version is 1111, i've do a product update via ePO as per the task log it is completed but when I check the dat version it is still 1111

What can I do to updated the DAT version?

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Re: DAT version on ePO

DAT 1111 is just the dat which is placed on with the install.

See this thread for more infor


Re: DAT version on ePO

There are a couple of things that you can do.

1.  You can manuyally download the current dat from the McAfee download site and load it on the target machine.  ( 

2.  you can fully remove the McAfee VSE from the system, locally.  then reload the VSE packaged.  Although the linked article is for VSE 8.7 I have used it for 8.8 as well.  It works.



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