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DAT updates fail - manual updates work

This is unusual, on only a handful of servers managed by ePO, DAT's have stopped updating.  The servers still communicate with ePO, if I log onto a managed server and manually update  VSE from the system tray it works. 

I couldn't find anything in the logs that point to why.  Any idea's or where I could start looking?


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Re: DAT updates fail - manual updates work

This sometimes happens under unmanaged mode because the update task is launched with McAfee Framework credentials (Local system by default) and when you launch manually the task then it works because it uses your logged-in session credentials.

Even if I have never had this issue with managed computers you could check if the McAfee Framework service is started as local system and try to change it by local or domain admin credentials and schedule again the task to see if it works or not.