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DAT release - frequency and time


Does any one know if DATs are released at a specific time every day, or does it vary?

Also, is there still talk of going to twice daily DATs?

Thanks in advance.
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RE: DAT release - frequency and time

From Avert:

At what time during the day will the Daily DATs be made available?
We expect the Daily Dats to ship at approximately 6pm GMT every day, but may be released earlier or later in the day if a new threat warrants this.

Does "daily DATs" mean one release every day?
Yes and No. AVERT is planning to release at least one DAT file per day, Monday-through-Friday, including holidays, except December 25th and January 1st (or the nearest weekday). We will NOT release on Saturday or Sunday unless an outbreak scenario occurs where we assess the risk to a threat to be medium or higher.

**One thing they dont say is that my first EPO pull after the DATS are released often fails (times out due to all the people pulling at the same time) and So I have to have another pull scheduled for 2 hours later to guarantee getting the DATS.
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Thats always a good idea

I've taken it a step further and have 3 Source Pulls scheduled. We are located in the Central Time Zone, so I have one scheduled near the release time, about noon. But like Tony stated, sometimes this times out due to the traffic. I usually have the time to manually attempt any needed Source Pulls throughout the afternoon but just in case, I have one scheduled about 45 minutes before I leave so I can check out the situation. And, if it is really an issue getting connected to McAfee, I have one scheduled at 5am so I can avoid heavy network traffic both in-house and at McAfee's site.
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RE: Thats always a good idea

We have set our EPO server to run a HTTP Pull Task every 15 minutes. The reason to do that is because of the times when it fails due to network congestion or problems with McAfee's update servers.

McAfee seems to vary when the DAT's are available. I have seen download times between 11am and as late as 2pm. This is central time like where you are located. Today it pulled the DAT at 10.15am CST and yesterday at 10.45am CST.

RE: Thats always a good idea

We have scheduled updates out of hours (Every hour) as we are in the UK they are normally released after 6PM our time anyway. As we keep an eye on avert notices during the day we will manually instruct the server to download the new dats and apply any required extra.dat's

Re: RE: Thats always a good idea

Of late I have observed that the new DAT will be available around 7:00PM GMT on FTP Site and but will not be available on or

Our ePO Server is scheduled to pull the DAT from and successful pull happens only around 11:00PM GMT.

It seems the McAfee FTP site and http site takes long time to sync. Anyone observed the same???