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DAT Deployment schedule

Hi everyone, I am new to use EPO so I am not quite familiar with the GUI.

From Dashboards, I check our DAT version is updated to 6943.0000. However, in "VSE: DAT Deployment", most hosts are still in 6942.0000. I want to update all hosts to DAT 6943.0000 asap. Do any of you have ideas that where & how to configure the DAT Deployment schedule, so that I can set it to update immediately?


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Re: DAT Deployment schedule

Create Client task for update all system In immediate schedule

Menu -- System Tree -- Assigned client tasks -- In Action tab -- Create New Client task assignment -- In Tak to schedule -- Product -Select McAfee Agent -- In Task Type - Select Product Update  --- Task Name- Create New task for Update -- Click on Next tab -- In schedule type - select Run Immediate - Click on Save.

Send wakup call for all ystem and check the status.

Hop it will work for you.