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Custom query to show DAT release date

I'm trying to find a way to demonstrate that ePO 3.6.x has checked the HTTP repository at McAfee and found a new DAT file to download.

Our ePO server runs an hourly scheduled pull task and I can use a query to show that this is happening, along with timestamp and status. What it doesn't show is that ePO has found a valid DAT to download and has successfully grabbed it, something like this :

>>Checking HTTP McAFee
>>Found DAT version XXXX
>>Successfully downloaded DAT XXXX

This info must be in the database somewhere, but I can't seem to find it. Does anyone have a custom query I could use?

many thanks happy
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RE: Custom query to show DAT release date

im not sure exactly what you are aiming to achieve - you could use a notification to determine this, but my guess is that the pull task will log success even if it checks, and there is no new update available.

are you looking to navigate the server task log display, only in the event that a new dat is checked in ?

were you looking to do this as part of a trigger on the ePO DB table, or simply a repeated task run on an ad hoc basis , or via a SQL job ?

the ServerInfo table holds the catalog timestamp, which is the indicator that there has been a change to the master repository, but it doesnt list out what ( ie, it could be a dat, it could be a patch, etc). this decision is made by the clients when they update, based on their individual settings.

you could put a trigger on the software table to check when the VSCAN1000 row changes, but it probably isnt a good idea to start tinkering with the ePO DB

does your AVERT ALERTS control on the ePO homepage work ( or does it say unknown) if so, you can do a comparison between that table, and the software table, or something.

its definitely do'able, but im not sure what you are trying to achieve,


RE: Custom query to show DAT release date

Basically we're trying to see if this can be used as an SLA measurement. We'd like to be able to report on when a DAT file has been released and how long it's taken our ePO server to download and start distributing the new signatures.

I've found entries for failures in the database, but can't seem to see anywhere that logs a successful retrieval of a new DAT file from McAfee. I've found where it logs a successful DAT update on the server, but this may not tie in with the actual release time of the DAT. I've also signed up to the alert emails but I'm not sure this will be very accurate.

The server task logs only log that the task was successful, I was hoping to use that but it doesn't really prove anything.

Unfortunately the AVERT page doesn't work, we have very restricted Internet access for that particular server.

Thanks for any suggestions happy