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Custom logon screen with group policy

We are using group policy in Windows 2008 r2 to set a warning at logon with a custom background but when we push to a computer with ePO 5.1.1, VirusScan and drive encryption the message gets pushed but the image does not. Again it works on machines that we have not yet pushed the McAfee Agent and encrypted. Any one have a setting correction to allow this. Thank you.

See below to aid in understanding my problem.

For Windows 7:

First, Create a jpg file you want as logon screen background which should be less than 256kb, name it as backgroundDefault.jpg and place it inside a server share, ex. \\servername\share\backgroundDefault.jpg

In the Group Policy Management Console, edit the GPO to change following settings.

Computer Configuration => Preferences => Windows Settings => Files => New File

set the parameters as following image.

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Re: Custom logon screen with group policy

Moved to ePO for faster response.




Re: Custom logon screen with group policy

Any Access Protection logs from the last couple days that would indicate a problem applying that setting?

Re: Custom logon screen with group policy


As you are pushing this rule out by Group Policy maybe your protection suite is detecting the change and thinks it's a malware threat?

Can you add the location as an exception?

I presume that where the image is located is a globally accessible location?

Hope this helps.