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Create new policies via import?


I've got a problem, I have 500 Repositories (low bandwidth in the outlets requires a repository in every outlet) and so I got 500 policies for the epo Agent. This policies only differ in the Sitellist (Local Repository to be first and all other except the Epo Server excluded).

I can export one of this policies and edit the sitelist, but when i try to import it, it suceeds but clicking edit on this policy ends in an error.

Is there any further documentation of the XML Naming Conventions in the Policies or any idea how to manage a quick import? It's a pain to create 500 Policies manually over the gui.

Thanks for your answers!
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RE: Create new policies via import?

Which version of ePO are you running ?


RE: Create new policies via import?

Oh sorry I forgot:

I'm running Epo 4.0 Patch 4 with Virus Scan 8.5i Patch 8 on Windows 2003 with SQL Server 2005.

Kind regards