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Re: Create and download agent installation package


hotelcalefornia wrote:

the problem that V shield icon appears (when i installed from exported agent package) and  Mtray icon appears when installing through EPO. i cac see both icon via RDP

I'd say it's not a big issue, so long as the system does it's updates and ASCI correctly. 

I would guess it could be a policy thing.

Please check check that you have the correct and latest Extension for the right version of your Agent on the ePO server (i.e. Extension for MA 4.5 - now I'll look dumb if _I_ don't have the right extension, won't I? )

If the extensions are OK, then please check the McAfee Agent policy on your ePO server ; there's a "" option although I am not 100% certain that it has an impact on this.

Please specify

- version of ePO server

- version of McAfee agent

- version of VSE

(and also confirm that this is happening on Windows 7 or Windows 2008)


Re: Create and download agent installation package


I have epo 4.5and vse 8.7.0i. all the clients are win 2003 and xp. anyhow i deploy the frampkg.exe on another clients and Mtray icon appeared so as you said sergeM, since the client working fine and comunicatong to the server, it's big issue.

Thanks alot for your help

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Re: Create and download agent installation package

It probably is normal, in a way.

We're used to that here because we do not have an AD (yet).

When the new system arrives on the server (does an ASCI) the server doesn't know to which site/group it belongs.

  • Did you specify "sorting criterias" in the "Group Details" in the System Tree ?
  • Is it possible this particular system doesn't fit any sorting criterium (-ia?) ?

You can always move it manually.

Or first try this :

- select the system(s) in Lost & Found

- click on "Actions / Cirectory Management / Test Sort"

You'll see where the ePO server would put the systems now !

If you then click on one system, you'll see why it puts it there.

hope it helps


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