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Covers the Global Update the Product Deployment Task ?


using new ePO 4.0 and McAfeeAgent 4.0 and VirusScan 8.7 for testing purposes.
The ePO Server itself is configured to be a Super Agent, the global update is activated.
Our global update will be triggered with these paket types: Dat, Engine, ExtraDat, SuperDat, McAfee Agent 4.0, VirusScan 8.7.
Our ePO rules are configured to deploy VirusScan.
New clients are detected by the Rogue Sensor and then the McAfee Agent will be deployed manually by the ePO Console.

In the ePO 4.02 product guide s.133 I read:
"If not implementing global updating for product
deployment, a deployment task must be configured and
scheduled for managed systems to retrieve the package."

This sounds like that -after the McAfee Agent is deployed- the global updating will be responsible for installing and updateing of all products (using the product rule).
That means that (e.g. for the deployment of VirusScan) there is no ViruScan product deployment task necessary. But ... this didn't work; because this didn't work, I have to set up a product deployment task to install VirusScan (this works).

My general question is: is the global update designed to install products without a product deplayment task or is the global update only be able to update already installed products ?

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