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Couple Of Odd Issues Since Upgrade From ePO 4.5.4 to 4.6.7 - Extensions!

Hey guys,

I'm seeing a couple of consistent issues (happens on all my environments) when upgrading from ePO 4.5.4 to 4.6.7 relating to extensions, what I'm having to do is to check in extensions either over the top of old ones or remove and re-add to be able to see my Assigned Client Tasks (ACTs) in the System Tree.

If I just upgrade none of my ACTs are shown until I re-install the Extensions, this then gives me back my functionality for McAfee Agent, RSD, VirusScan and GroupShield, however, HIPS point blank refuses to show up!

I can see the HIPS extensions no problem at all but when I go in to System Tree and view the ACTs nothing is showing for HIPS. If I go to create a new CAT HIPS isn't showing in my product list on the left.

I'm also finding that I have to do silly little things like demote existing SuperAgents to Agents and then push the policy out, then promote them again and push the policy out before they spring in to life.

Has anyone else noted these issues and now how to resolve it? Particularly the HIPS extensions/ACTs issue, that's a real issue for me.


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Re: Couple Of Odd Issues Since Upgrade From ePO 4.5.4 to 4.6.7 - Extensions!

Hi StefanT,

please tell us your exact steps that you've done to upgrade at what version of extensions you were using (before the upgrade).

Usually I would recommend to update extensions to a version that is supported by ePO 4.6.6 (didn't try 4.6.7) BEFORE upgrading ePO.

e.g. if you were using HIPS 7.0 then you should update HIPS extension to

(btw I think I would update clients too - in this case to 7.0 p9)

If thats the reason for your errors - I would recommend to roll back your epo to the old version (asuming you did a backup...) and try again.

Re: Couple Of Odd Issues Since Upgrade From ePO 4.5.4 to 4.6.7 - Extensions!

The upgrade was a straightforward clisk setup.exe and perform an upgrade from the existing install.

I've checked the extensions and my products exceed the minimum versions except for VirusScan 8.7i which is a bit out, however I have no issues with that one.

HIPS wise, I'm using HIPS 8 Patch 2. I do have HIPS 7 extensions present from pre-HIPS upgrade but again both those and the HIPS 8 extensions are above the minimum recommended ones in the KB article you linked (thanks for that).