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Couldn't connect to remote site - not accessible error

Hi guys, sorry for creating a new thread. This is a related thread to this answered thread :

Anyway, my immediate issue is that I couldn't get access to my remote site.

My main office ePO is trying to deploy agents to a remote site of 20pax. Before I can do that, I need to see those computers from Entire Network, but I couldn't.

Error msg Screen capture:

Here's a breakdown of what I know :

- From main office's DC Server, Entire Network browse ---> remote gets this error (main office can see Network group name. When entered, can't see list of computers within but receive error msg instead)

- From remote office DC Server, Entire Network browse ---> Main office works!! I can see all the computers. (Issue is, I need my main office to see my remote location's entire network as my ePO is residing in Main Office.

- From main office DC Server, I can \\remoteserver\c$ or \d$ . I was able to access the files within.

- Trust relationship between these two locations have been verified multiple times and is functioning normally.

- a quick check on my firewall also shows that it allows all my network (with the correct IPs) to go thru. There was no restriction.

see screen capture -

- the weird thing is that my remote location server can see my main office's Entire Network but the other way round.

What could be the problem?