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Copy ePO Mirror Repository possible?


I have a Mirror Repository. On this system there is a folder c:\mcafee in which the mirrored repository resides.

Can I just copy this folder to a new system. Then install on this system the ePO Agent and also configure it to be a Mirror Repository (SuperAgent Repository).

Will this new system use the already available c:\mcafee folder and just do an incremental update?

This way I hope to save time, though only the incremental updates have to be copied form the master repository to the new system.

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RE: Copy ePO Mirror Repository possible?

Same question!

RE: Copy ePO Mirror Repository possible?


yes you could copy the content like you say,and that would work. although as soon as you make it a Superagent repo, ePO will try and manage it, and replicate to the superagent itself.

you would probably want to disable the replication to that repo, though im not clear if you are doing this just to set up the repos, or for an ongoing basis


RE: Copy ePO Mirror Repository possible?


to make it more clear.

I have about 1.500 clients and 50 sites. At each site I would like to have a client with superagent and repository.

So I took one already installed client with superagent and repository. I backed up this repository.

All clients are installed at a central location before physical deployment. So my idea was to copy the backed repository to each new client which will become a superagent + repository.

My intention was to save traffic main repository <--> superagent repositories. (leased line)
When my client will be deployed at the remote site and calls into the main repository for the first time I hope that only an incremental replication will be executed and not the whole repository.

RE: Copy ePO Mirror Repository possible?

yup, what you are proposing would achieve that !