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Console to Server connections

Ive been tasked to cleanup our EPO setup. It's a huge mess right now.

Currently they have been RPDing to the server itself to open the console directly on the server using port 8443 (console to application server port)

For obvious reasons, I want support staff to have their own consoles installed on their workstations to connect to the server instead.

The current "console to server communication port" is set to 81, but Im still unable to access the server from my desktop console.

Can anything think of things which would prevent this from working or should I be harassing the network guys to investigate the connection.
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RE: Console to Server connections

a few things i can come up with:

- windows firewall blocks port 81.
- A port conflict. An other application already uses this port
- a network firewall blocks port 81
- SQL authentication isn't working. (blocked by firewall or user doesn't have enough rights). This depends on how your autentication works on the ePO server to SQL or MSDE (NT account or SQL authentication).