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Consistant FTP Pull

Hi, new to the forum. I've searched around a bit for a similar issue and couldn't find a solution.

We have a network of 50ish client computers running the latest Mcafee Agent. Our Epo server is 4.0. The problem is that our client computers keep trying to access for their updates. I have enforced a policy from Epo telling them to only connect to the Epo server for updates. The Mcafee Agent repository list on every client has only the Epo server listed, and it connects and pulls correctly (according to the logs). I disabled the fallback FTP and HTTP repositories out of desperation and ensured that no unknown client tasks are being performed.

My question is if there is a setting that I am missing to stop every client from attempting to access I can see the attempts in real time with our firewall software and have been forced to block all FTP traffic on the firewall in order to stop this.

Looking forward to your thoughts!

Thank you kindly...

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RE: Consistant FTP Pull

There is a default autoupdate task on the client, it could be this ?
You can remove it with a tick box in the virusscan policy - user interface policies - Disable default Autoupdate task schedule

RE: Consistant FTP Pull

Thanks for the reply! I have double checked that setting and it is turned off. I don't know how much of a difference this makes. But looking through our firewall logs it seems that every client keeps trying to download "Super DAT's" only.

Thanks again!


Problem solved!

Well, I have to say I finally figured out what the problem was. Incase somebody else in the future has this same problem, I've decided to come back here and post my results.

The problem did not have anything to do with Mcafee or our mcafee configuration. Everything was working correctly. The problem was a third party network monitoring software that we use from a managed services company. I'm guessing the software they installed was set up incorrectly as it was the cause of the consistant SDAT FTP download attempts. I found gigs worth of SDAT files on every client machine in our company.

I have since removed the software and cancled our service with this company and our bandwidth is finally in the clear again.