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Connecting Agent Handler and ePO Server

So im trying to connect an agent handler on a seperate domain, in a seperate network, in another province. i have the epo server set up at my office, and im trying to install the agent handler on a server at the other office. my trouble comes when i start the agent handler install. when i start the instal it will find our ePO server and allow me to connect to that with the ePO admin credentials. and to my understanding, to make this even possible you need to use SQL authentication unless you have a trust between domains, which i do not. so when i deselect "use epo server database credentials" it brings me to the authentication page for the database. it gives me the local DNS name of the ePO server, and i switch it to SQL authentication, I enter valid SQL credentials, and then hit next, it attempts for a while, and then says "setup was unable to connect to the specified database server"

Any help is apprieciated guys, Thanks alot

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Re: Connecting Agent Handler and ePO Server

since the other day, i have installed ePO over, usuaing sql authentication, to a database on the ePO server itself, and iv opened up all the ports needed through the firewalls on ither end, however, im still stumped at why im still getting this error.

Any help is apprieciated guys.

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Re: Connecting Agent Handler and ePO Server

my first question is what do yo mean when you say the AH is in another province?  are you aware that the AH must have a very fast and stable connection to the sql database?  if not you are asking for serious performance problems.  So have you tried to telnet from your AH to the sql box on the appropriate ports to confirm its able to communicate?