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Confusing variables in ePO 4.0

Dear community

We are running EPO 4.0 in our environment and we recently received the following event which raised a few questions:

AdditionalInformation = 26

AffectedComputerIPs =,

AffectedComputerNames = PC1, PC2

AffectedObjects = N/A

BranchNodePath = Root

ConfiguredEventCategories = N/A

ConfiguredProductFamilies = N/A

ConfiguredThreatName = N/A

EventDescriptions = Update Failed,  Deployment Failed

EventIDs = 2402, 2412

FirstEventTime = 1/9/11 8:13:27 AM

NotificationRuleName = Notification

ReceivedEventCategories = Software deployment failed, Update/upgrade failed

ReceivedNumComputers = 0

ReceivedNumEvents = 0

ReceivedProductFamilies = McAfee Agent

ReceivedThreatNames = Not Available

SiteNodeName = Site

SourceComputers = Not Available

TimeNotificationSent = 1/9/11 8:13:27 AM

  1. What does 26 in AdditonalInformation mean? What kind of "additional information" is meant to be logged here?
  2. Why is the value of ReceivedNumComputers and ReceivedNumEvents 0? This should be 2 if I am not mistaken.
  3. Does this event mean that event ID 2402 and 2412 occurred on both and at the same time?
  4. In general, can SourceComputers also contain multple IP addresses?

It would be great if someone could shed some light! Thanks alot.

Best regards


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Re: Confusing variables in ePO 4.0

I am really surprised that no one has replied to this yet. Any comments would be greatly appreciated!

Best regards