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Configuring Virusscan 8.8.0 from within ePO 4.5


I am running ePO 4.5 on a Windows Server 2003 32 bit.

I would like to configure settings for our Virusscan Enterprise 8.8.0 before deploying.  I ask if this is possible because I can not find the option, even though I have found some documention on the subject.  Also, I may be missing the option in my ePO.

Thank you in advance.

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McAfee Employee
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Re: Configuring Virusscan 8.8.0 from within ePO 4.5

You can configure the policy in ePO before deploying VSE: this means that after VSE is deployed there will be a short time (until the next agent-to-server communication) that VSE will be using the default settings.

If this is not acceptable, you can pre-configure the VSE installation using the McAfee Installation Designer, and then check this package into ePO: that way the clients will use the desired settings right from the very start.



Re: Configuring Virusscan 8.8.0 from within ePO 4.5

I may be wrong, but bear in mind that McAfee Installation Designer is only available to Platinum support customers afaik.



Re: Configuring Virusscan 8.8.0 from within ePO 4.5

With hindsight i'm not so sure on the scope of availability for McAfee Installation Designer (MID) being platinum-only after all, so really don't take that as gospel !

Best to log into the McAfee downloads site with your grant ID and see if you can see it in your available products list.

However there seems to be plenty of discussion on MID on the VirusScan forum rather than here in ePO-land.

It might be more profitable to ask your question there

You can deploy VSE via ePO obviously, and the product configuration will happen pretty quickly (as soon as it communicates back to ePO for a policy basically) but the policy set in ePO is not embedded in the VirusScan installer to be there instantly if that is what you were looking for.


Re: Configuring Virusscan 8.8.0 from within ePO 4.5

Look at the readme file for VSE 8.8.  It will give you instructions for checking in both the installation package and the Extensions.  You must check in the Extensions.  Then you can configure VSE policies and assign them to your systems using the items under Menu->Policy and/or the System Tree (Menu->Systems->System tree).

Re: Configuring Virusscan 8.8.0 from within ePO 4.5

Thanks for your response.

No I don't think I checked in the extensions, I am sure that I checked in the install package.

I am not sure what my extension file should look like in the VSE880LML folder is it a zip or DAT?  I have read the readme HTML and don't find any reference to checking in the extensions.

Any direction will be appreciated.

Re: Configuring Virusscan 8.8.0 from within ePO 4.5

Sorry, it used to be in the readme, now it is in the Installation Guide, starting on page 20.  The 3 zip files are in the file.  Unzip it if you haven't already and they should be there.