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Compliance History Reporting

In ePo 4.5 under; Menu -> Automation -> Server Tasks > Generate Records for Compliance History Reporting for 4.5

This is the location of the option to generate compliance reports for our environment. Right now the report generated is for our entire organization showing first, Compliant systems and second, Non-Compliant systems

I wanted to know if there was a way to filter the report, that is emailed out, to either show the Non-Compliant systems first or just remove the Compliant systems from the report completely.


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McAfee Employee
McAfee Employee
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Re: Compliance History Reporting

You cannot filter the report exactly but you can create a new report that simply lists the non-compliance machines. Essentially you need to edit the compliance report in question and click the "configure criteria" button to view how you are defining compliance. Then create a new report that returns a list of managed machines as a simple table. Then on the filter tab of that report add the same properties that your compliance definition has and reverse the logic. This report will now return a list of non-compliant machines.

For example if you defined compliance as ""DAT version (Virus Scan Enterprise) is within 3 of repository" then on the filter tab you would add this same property only it would listed as "DAT version (Virus Scan Enterprise) is not within 3 versions of repository".