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Command Line Installs

Hi All,

Our project team have asked me to investigate whether or not it's possible to run the Mcafee Agent via group policy in Active Directory.  I've managed to get it to work to some degree, although it consistently installs each time group policy is force updated.

I've got a switch in the script which will detect if the latest version is installed and then just continue on it's way, which also works.  However, when it comes across a machine which requires an updated agent, it wont install due to the agent already being installed.

So I was wondering if it's possible to do the force install over current version through the command line.  I've had a little play but cannot figure out the switches.

i'm guessing I would have to do the friminst /forceuninstall followed by a frminst /install=agent command?

We are running 4.6.2 currently and agent 4.6.2935

Any help on this would be appreciated, been playing round for a few days now it's got me stumped.

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McAfee Employee
McAfee Employee
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Re: Command Line Installs

I wouldn't use a forceuninstall followed by an install - it can have unexpected consequences. Instead, try frminst /install=agent /forceinstall - that should give you what you need, I think.