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Client machines Agent corrupted frequently

Dear All,

In my environment, we are seeing mcafee agent is getting corrupted frequently. Meaning Agent commnication is stopped. If we checking for those machines last communication it is showing older date. From that moment client and sever no commincation.

we are reinstalling the agent for those machines and then start communicating with EPO with latest updates available in EPO.

We are seeing 3000+ machines like this scenerio. How to overcome this issue and also need to address and find out the root cause.

We have checked few things and updated the below points.

* Agent corrupted due to machine is not in network

* Third party software conflicts.

Apart from any other way mcafee agent communication will stops in server for those endpoints. kindly suggest a bset way to follow to avoid such a issue in my environment.



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Re: Client machines Agent corrupted frequently


I think more details are needed.

I would suggest you take an example machine that you can duplicate the issue on, or watch for an issue to happen on it.

Then look at the agent log for error messages, with those errors you search here in the forums and see if there are answers to those.

corrupted agent doesn't say exactly what is happening.

Happy Troubleshooting... Jon

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