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Cleanup.exe Version specific

Is cleanup.exe version specific?  I am trying to remove an agent that is version but the installation source is not available.  This is the only system with this version of the agent.  Can I use cleanup.exe from a machine to force the agent removal via the msiexec command?  I know this the long way around to resolve this but I am doing this all remotely since I can't actually lay hands on the machine.  The deploy agent option also fails with error 1714.


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Re: Cleanup.exe Version specific

Cleanup.exe isn't really intended for stand-alone use, it's part of the install process to clean up after install/uninstall/upgrade. Even though you may see it running as a process it's not the way to go here.

it sounds like you need to run this instead:

frminst.exe /forceuninstall

For more detail see KB65863 via the McAfee Service Portal