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Changing username for SQL DB - EPO

We need to change the sql user name for EPO. The account is created in AD & the existing one is also from AD(both are Windows Authentication).

Is there a document that can be followed. I could only see which has the option to change the password. I tried even changing the password manually in It doesn't work.

Is there anyother document to be followed?

During Test connection I'm getting response as "Test failed: Login failed for user. The user is not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection."

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Re: Changing username for SQL DB - EPO

And the version of your ePO is?

Re: Changing username for SQL DB - EPO

The current version is 4.6.4.

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Re: Changing username for SQL DB - EPO


May I know have you enabled Mix mode authentication? Assuming YES

You need not to creat  any user in Domain.

Assuming you have Microsoft SQL Management studio installed.

Login with windows authentication.

In the right pane expand security Right click Login>new login Name the user and password Select Misx mode authentication>Under roles select Admin and DB creator

Close this window and expand your DB like ePO4-xxxxx>Security>User look for user that you created >Right click and go into properties>See the publicl s set under premission.Close and log out

Check this user by logging in again .

Now on core\config page of ePO change your user with this .

Apply and you are all set.