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Changing EPO SQL passwords - that difficult?

OKAY is it just me or is changing SQL passwords a little more difficult than it should be for EPO?  I don't have a very difficult setup - a server, DB, agent handler and a couple of super agents/repositories but I can't seem to find documentation on how to do this effectively and quickly.  Any advice out there?  I changed the core config and the test was successful but still getting errors on the repositories.  Also the only thing I've read for changing on the AH is to reinstall the AH?  Thanks in advance

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Re: Changing EPO SQL passwords - that difficult?

What exactly the error message are you getting while accessing the repository?

Regarding changing the password for AH, if the machine is in domain then while installing AH, you can check the box 'use ePO DB credentials while installing AH' and password will be updated when it's updated in ePO \core\config page.

Re: Changing EPO SQL passwords - that difficult?

It took a little research to figure out where to change/update the passwords in my environment but finally got things working.  Thanks for the help!