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Changed EPO server and some clients are unmanaged

Hi All,

We have recently changed our EPO server, the old one was crashed, so we installed a new one.

We then redeployed the agent on all machines.
Now on most machines it went fine, but on some machines, we now see in epo that they are unmanaged???

Strange thing is, when I open the epo agent on the machine, I can enfore policy and sent updates etc,...
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RE: Changed EPO server and some clients are unmanaged

I find ePO to be slow sometimes with the update, by slow i'm talking a few minutes to show updates... Just putting it out there incause you're checking right after deploying to see the client show up.

Other than that, if i have it right, the agent will enforce policies even if it can't connect to the server, so possibly the policies you see being enforced are from the previous server.

bring up the agent by running; "C:\Program Files\McAfee\Common Framework\CmdAgent.exe" /s and do a policy check to see if it hangs up connecting to server.

check logs on the client also, if you have logs enabled, usually it is by default. In a browser http://localhost:8081 where localhost from client, or client IP and 8081 is the default port.

Or regedit HLLM\software\network associates\epolicy orch\Agent and find the values for server.