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Change Agent Activity Log Language

hi guys,

can anyone tell me how to change the language that appears on the agent activity log? i view the logs of machines in france, belgium and germany and the logs appear in the local language that their computers are set for - this makes things a bit harder for me, does anyone know how to change this?

thanks in advance! happy
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RE: Change Agent Activity Log Language

Date: August 29, 2008

To: All McAfee Agent 4.0 customers

From: McAfee Product Management

Subject: No option available for reverting Agent back to English from localized version

McAfee Agent 4.0 supplies language packs for all supported languages, and uses the end node's locale setting to choose what language to display. The agent deployment mechanism is not built to allow forcing only a particular language to be used by the end node. A result of this is that McAfee Agent 4.0 will generate and store logs in the local language, which may make troubleshooting difficult for helpdesk staff not fluent in that language.

There are some workarounds available to force the language to something other than the nodes settings (EXAMPLE: Force an install in English). One workaround is to deploy the agent outside of ePO with the command line parameters:
framepkg.exe \install=agent \uselanguage=0409

Another option is to modify the agent language options in the Windows registry after installation. McAfee Support can provide a registry import file and optional SuperDAT for deployment.

IMPORTANT: These above mentioned workarounds are used at your own risk. McAfee does not assume responsibility for any damages incurred by these instructions.
An Feature Modification Request (FMR) has been queued for changing the packaging of the agent to allow selection of languages when deploying from ePO in a future release of the Agent. As of statement release, customer requests for this feature to be added to future agent versions have been low, therefore a definitive timeline for adding this has not been set.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. Please accept our apology for any inconvenience this has caused.

that was KB53777 in case you need to reference it

RE: Change Agent Activity Log Language

ok thanks very much for this info, im not bothered about it enough to change the registry for our domain or to redeploy every agent but i will keep an eye out for future releases in case this feature is added. thanks very much again happy