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Cant get an xp system to recognise in epolicy 4

Hi guys,

im new to the mcafee suite of applications and have been thrown into the deep end with epolicy, and i have encountered a bit a of wierd problem.

i've got epolicy running on a virtual windows 2003 server and its running fine.
i've got a few physical systems which im testing out the software before its rolled out throughout the entire network.

i origionally had 3 systems added to the system tree thing (which were our IT ones). and while i was learning how to enforce policies it was all working fine.

i then tried to rollout VSE8.7 on my system but it didn't work so i added another system to the system tree and tried to roll out 8.5 to it (as it was only running 8.0) but i had a few problems with the system being detected to i did my own little procedure of uninstalling the agent, deleteing the common freamework folder, restarting, and trying again...this actually worked and the system was running 8.5 in no time. i then did the same procedure to my system to try and get 8.7 running on it, but it didn't work, and now i cant seem to do anything with epolicy to my computer. it deploys the agent (from what i can tell, because it comes up with the agent GUI thing). but in the system tree it has the computer name, and "none" next to it. no ip address or anything.

does anyone have any ideas how i can make it work again?

by the way, when i did my "procedure" on my system. i did remove the system and the agent using epolicy first.

any help or insults if i've done anything stupidly wrong would be greatly appreciated Smiley Very Happy

thanks in advance