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Level 7

Cannot install VSE via ePO

Hi everyone,

Can someone help me with this;


I've create a task to install VSE to client then when I check to client pc there's no VSE installed. (its says that "not supported to the version of the product).

• agent version is 5.0.1 and 5.0.2

• ePO 5.3.0

Note: Newbie ADMIN here, please exert some patience with me

Thank you so much.

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Level 10

Re: Cannot install VSE via ePO

Did you come right with the issue

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Level 20

Re: Cannot install VSE via ePO

Moved from Corporate Support to ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) > Discussions

McAfee Volunteer
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Level 13

Re: Cannot install VSE via ePO

Noted in:

Double check VSE Version with CMA Version for comparability:

McAfee Corporate KB - Supported platforms, environments, and operating systems for VirusScan Enterpr...

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Level 13

Re: Cannot install VSE via ePO

Open the software manager in ePO, then do a refresh (assuming your ePO has internet access). This will point out if there is a new version of the agent (I think 5.0.4 is latest) and it will show if you are deploying the latest patch release of VSE. The latest I think is 8.8 patch 8.

So make sure you have both of those up to date and try again, as Tao mentioned there is probably something out of date that needs to be updated to work.

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