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Cannot Check In CMA Patch 3 (

Downloaded Common Management Agent 3.6.0 Patch 3. Using Protection Pilot 1.5 Patch 1 and Check in the PkgCatalog file - all files verified OK - gets right to the end of the Check In and then says

-1702: Unable to check in the package! Press Cancel to Close

Tried 3 times, same result.

Previous install of Patch 2 ( was fine.

PP Server version shows as - is this right ? Is there any correlation between this version no and the ePO server version 3.6, 3.6.1 & 4.0 ?

Any help appreciated
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RE: Cannot Check In CMA Patch 3 (

Stumbled across partial solution:

If I run PP 1.5 on the actual Windows 2003 Server and attempt the Check In it worked. Previously I was running PP 1.5 on an XP Pro Client only. Still something not quite right.

RE: Cannot Check In CMA Patch 3 (

i dont remember PRP very well, but if you switch on logging level 8, and check the console.log and perhaps the server.log on the PRP server you may get some insight