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Cannot Add Netshield for netware Package

I still have many Netware servers. I'd like to add the Netshield for Netware 463 package but all I get is "Failed to decrypt the file"
I can add other packages such as VS85 patch 3 etc etc.
My ePO server seems healthy.
I've even re-downloaded the NSH463ENL files and placed them in a shorter path with no spaces on the C Drive of the ePO server - still get failed to decrypt.
Any help would be appreciated.
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RE: Cannot Add Netshield for netware Package

Whate version of EPO are you running?
netshield 4.63 was supported for reporting only under 3.6.1 and is not even on the list for EPO 4.00

RE: Cannot Add Netshield for netware Package

I'm using epo 3.6.1 sp2

RE: Cannot Add Netshield for netware Package

you cannot deploy netshield for netware via epo. you must install it locally. same for the netware epo agent. policies and tasks can then be configured at the epo server 3.6.x or 4.0. for updating netshield for netware you need an ftp repository. best way is to create a distributed ftp rep in epo and configure the netware update task to go there. the netware servers will NOT get updated via the "epo agent update" task. you must configure a "Netshied for Netware AutoUpdate" clienttask for this.

epo 3.6.1 and Netshield fo Netware

I'm with you on that - but i was using my older 355 ePO server to control netshield for netware policies - i had sucessfully added the netshield 463 package - from epo i could see the screens like adding file exclusions - scan inbound and out bound etc etc.
when i try to ADD Package - browse to the NS4.6.3 "Z" file - i get "failed to decrypt file"

not a deal breaker - just a thorn i'd like to pluck so to speak.

RE: epo 3.6.1 and Netshield fo Netware

If you mean setting poliies for Netshield you must add the NAP file from the Netshield for Netware package to ePO.

adding NSH463 to ePO 361

We'll give it a try.
Our long term goal is to decommission these olde netware servers.

but short term - my ePO server reports them as unprotected (not true - they all have netshield on them and update no problem)
and if i can't install the NAP or package - I can't control the scan policies (like what to exclude etc etc) from the ePO Console like i was able to do from epo 355.

Just a Bell and whistle i'm looking for - LOL

RE: adding NSH463 to ePO 361

The servers will be reported as unprotected if you have not check in the NAP files.

Can you set the Netshield for Netware policies ?