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Can you use EPO 4 to uninstall DFW8.5 ?


I have just created a new EPO 4 server and still have an old 3.6 sever in place.

We are upgrading all our clients to epo 4, AV 8.7 and HIPs 7.

My question is can I use EPO 4 console to remove the DFW 8.5 client from the machines and then installl HIPS 7 ? or do I have to use the old epo 3.6 to unistall the client first, then use EPO 4 to install HIPs 7 ?



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Re: Can you use EPO 4 to uninstall DFW8.5 ?

According to the ePO 4.0 Installation guide DTFW 8.0 and 8.5 are not supported in that release .

This means you are unlikely to be able to uninstall through ePO 4.0.

Safest would be to remove DTFW 8.5 through ePO 3.6.1 and install Hips7 clean through ePO 4.0 (or better still ePO 4.5)

You should also take a look at the Hips7 documentation to see if Hips7 is directly upgradeable over DTFW 8.5 or not.