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Can I push VSE 8.8 from EPO 4.6


This is my first time setting up a new EPO. I have sucessfully installed EPO and installed agents on a few devices.

Is it possible to push VSE 8.8 from EPO 4.6 console. If yes, then how?. If no, then is there another way?



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Re: Can I push VSE 8.8 from EPO 4.6


Open group to which you have to deploy VSE 8.08. in right hand site go to ASSIGNED CLIENT TASK .

IN bottom go to ACTION  --New client task assignment---- Select Product---on task type select product deployment --on third pane task name create task use proper information in drop down

Enable shedule day time then save task apply this task to group on which you want.

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Re: Can I push VSE 8.8 from EPO 4.6

Hi sylvindias,

You can follow the instructions as per Dinesh, for more clarity on the deployment, please go through

How do I install VSE via ePolicy Orchestrator?

Add the installation package to your repository, then create/modify a Deployment Task (see your ePO 4.6 or ePO 4.5 documentation for instructions).

NOTE: The Deployment Task allows for command line options to be specified too. This allows you to make simple changes to the installation, such as not installing a particular feature. For a complete list of options, see PD22944.

Also recommend you to go through KB71642 - FAQs for VirusScan Enterprise 8.x, to address your other queries related to VSE.


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