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Can DR/Snapshot feature in 5.1 restore to a differently configured system?


Looking at one of the comments on KB71078:

"For ePO 5.x users, McAfee recommends that you use the built-in Disaster Recovery feature and use these steps only if a valid Snapshot was not created and a manual recovery is required."

Just for a quick sanity check, does this mean that we can restore a snapshot back on a differently configured system (ie snapshot was created on a 32-bit system, and is going to be restored on a 64-bit system).  I ask this, as this is what the article seems to imply (given its title), however I am aware of this community post, where the UpgradeCompatibility.exe utility looks to have this specific purpose?  If the DR/snapshot feature in 5.1 will do this for us, will it also restore to system with different partitions (ie moving from a single partition to a separate one for system, programs and data?)


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Re: Can DR/Snapshot feature in 5.1 restore to a differently configured system?

Update: Also, can it be used to restore to a system with a different name and IP?  I am suspecting not, as configuration files may refer to the system name?

Update 2: Just found in 5.1 product guide:

"Using the restored ePolicy Orchestrator SQL database server, that includes the Disaster Recovery

Snapshot, you can connect it to:


New McAfee ePO server hardware with a new server name and IP address — This allows you to, for

example, move your server from one domain to another.

This example can provide a temporary network management solution while you rebuild and reinstall

your McAfee ePO server hardware and software back to its original domain."

So from the look of it, we can restore to a new server with a new server name and new IP address, which is good - however could I confirm if this would also support changes to the install directory?  What we are looking to do at a high level:

- Old server: Server1,  Local SQL Server.  Everything resides in C:\

- New server: Server2,  Same version of ePO (vanilla build), but installed in D:\. Local SQL Server (same version as old server), but installed in D:\ with data in E:\

- Create DR snapshot from old ePO server

- Backup ePO DB and restore to new ePO server

- Restore from DR snapshot on new ePO server

- Update DNS entry for old ePO server name to point to new ePO server IP address (agents will connect to new ePO server, and pull down new sitelist containing new server name).  'Migration' can also be tested with pilot hosts by updating their local hosts file.

Would anybody see any immediate problems with this?