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Can 2 verions of CMA be in repository at once?

hi all, i am only a site administrator and only manage our Business unit in ePo. i have been told by the global administrator that the new CMA v3.6.0 cannot be in the repository with another CMA, say v3.5.5?

He has told me as soon as he has put the new CMA in the repository that the old one is immediately removed/overwritten and he has no control over it?

i find this hard to believe as i know we have had 2 previous CMA's in the repository before (v3.5.0 & v3.5.5).

can anyone please clear this up and let me know if its possible. If you could attach a screenshot as proof that would be perfect and i would be very grateful.

thanks in advance
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RE: Can 2 verions of CMA be in repository at once?

The global admin is correct.

You may have had 2 versions of CMA showing up in reports where some machines had not yet upgraded to the newest version after it was checked in to the repo?
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Any updates?

Just out of curiosity, is there a CMA 3.6.1..... our IA department are getting errors saying our agents are out of date, and we are running 3.6.0 patch 3.

I keep telling them it's only on the worksatations that have the ePO console loaded on because it's 3.6.1.... but they won't listen to me, so I figure if you guys agree with me, and proove there is nothing newer than patch 3... I am good.

RE: Any updates?