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CVE Vulnerability Scanning

I have a few machines that are running a FortiClient. ForitClient has a CVE vulnerabilies scanner option on it. Im curious if there is a module inside ePO that will do this level or scanning as well on my McAfee clients or is there an upgrade addon that McAfee might offer or is this not even an option inside ePO?
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Re: CVE Vulnerability Scanning

Hi User51510500,

There is a product (addon) for your estate that ePO cna interact with for just type of inspection.

Its called 'McAfee Vulnerability Manager' current version is v7.5, it can be collected formt eh main software download site using a valid grant number.

McAfee Vulnerability Manager 7.5 Product Guide Product Documentation ID: PD24478

Vulnerability Manager 7.5 Installation Guide Product Documentation ID: PD24899

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