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CMDagent.exe not starting on servers

Everytime I sign in to work on 2008,2003 server I have to launch the tray icon from command prompt. cmdagent.exe /s.  It does not happen on workstations. What do I need to tell support to fix?

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Re: CMDagent.exe not starting on servers

smitty115, are you RDPing into the servers?  If you are, you will need to run the agent form the command prompt.  The red M should be shown when you enable the "Show Agent Tray icon" in the respective ePO McAfee Agent policy.

Thanks Mike

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Re: CMDagent.exe not starting on servers

And, just to clarify, this behaviour is as designed: the agent tray icon is not shown in RDP / terminal services sessions.

Thanks -


Re: CMDagent.exe not starting on servers

I got our SCCM guys to drop a shortcut batch file on the desktop of All Users. a different one based on 32 or 64 bit OS.

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