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Big size table EpoProductsEvents in Epo DataBase.

Hi all,

We have detected that our database has a enormous table that has 5 Gb in data and 3 in Index.

This table is named as EpoProductsEvents.

Into the table, it appears  very old  data (2009), and we wonder if there is no problem deleting this old information, but we can't find any information about that searching in the community.

Could you please confirm if there is any risk if we execute this action?

Some data about our platform:

Table Name: EpoProductsEvents

EPO Version: 4.6.4

BBDD Version: SQL Server 2008 R2 SP1 (64 Bits) Express Edition(10.50.2500.0)

Operation System: Windows 2003 Standard X64 Edition.

Thanks in advance, and regards,

Julio Moreno.

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Re: Big size table EpoProductsEvents in Epo DataBase.

It is all about how much event data you want to retain.... A year or less is usually typical unless you have very specific needs.

In server task, you can creat a purge job to delete old events.  Be aware it will take a long time and fill you database logs, so I would recommed you delete them in small chunks (maybe a month or quarter at a time)