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Best ways to upgrade server from EPO 4.0 to 4.5

My upper management is allowing me to purchase a new physical server for our current EPO 4.0 server. I am trying to figure out the least painful way of getting to EPO 4.5. It would be nice that we also upgrade the operating system to Windows 2008 32 bit or 64 bit.

Have tried the scenario of installing Windows 2008 R2 (64 bit) and then EPO 4.5. It appears that EPO 4.0 does not support 64 bit. One of the problems tha might exist if when we  restore the DB, extensions, keystore folder, catalani folder from EPO 4.0. Not too sure if EPO 4.5 will accept the EPO 4.0 restore. Also I guess we would also have to re-create our system tree under EPO 4.5 and policies. Has anyone ever tried a fresh install of EPO 4.5 and then restored their current EPO 4.0 server to it and be successful.

The other option, would be to install Windows 2008 32 bit, then EPO 4.0. Then restore the current EPO 4.0 database, data etc. Make sure if works and then upgrade to EPO 4.5. I believe that way we would not have to recreate the system tree etc. Is that correct and the preferred method?

What would other people recommend?