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Best way to deploy updates over very slow link?

Got a question that I hope you lot can help me out with.

I have a set up at the moment with a single local server on a workgroup and three (shortly to be eight) remote sites.  I would like everything to be centrally managed from the local server, however the problem comes when replicating to the remote sites - just updating the daily dats is ~140mb and takes ages, usually failing as the links are pretty unstable and drop out occasionally (satellite links to ships all over the place).

So, my questions are... Is there any way to only send out the incremental files (eg 58995900.upd) but not the whole dat file ( etc)?

Failing that, can EPO resume files if you send by FTP instead of UNC path?  This way it won't matter if the connection fails occasionally and it won't have to start sending the same file out over and over.

Using EPO 4.5p1, Agent 4.5, VScan 8.7p2


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Re: Best way to deploy updates over very slow link?

WE have the same problem,

Only real thing you can do is quatlity of service over that line.

If not.. well update those computers manually or upgrade your line

So everytime we have huge updates/upgrades the line take some punishment.

even we have  those reposerties on that side of the line. the update still need to go over that line still.

wich make alot of our collegues unhappy.

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Re: Best way to deploy updates over very slow link?

Hmmm, I know with EPO 3.6.x (I assume 4.5 has this as well) you can just deploy the delta DAT's every day and then on the weekend push out the bigger ones.

We have lots of WAN links that are just T1 and the daily DAT's take a couple of minutes for each site (granted, we deploy via NCP to Novell NetWare servers, but I imagine SMB to Windows would be just as fast).  HTTP tends to be a little chatty with all the GET and responses.

I don't believe that pushing to distributed repositories has any sort of retry or failback methods.  basically I think you schedule it to run once/day and go from there.

We also rsync out the data at night just in case.

Re: Best way to deploy updates over very slow link?

Thanks for the help so far.

I've managed to halve the amount of data by removing the V1 dats since I can get away with only V2 (I'm using Agent 4.5, VScan + Antispyware 8.7 only).  I'm trying out another method at the moment which is a bit of a bodge but should do it - Robocopy the contents of the <repo>/current/VSCANDAT1000/dat/0000 since this supports resuming, then run a replication (which won't do anything as it's already up to date).  Luckily this won't have to be done every day, every 3 days or so is fine for me.

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