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our clients have Virusscan 8.7/8.8 installed (Windows XP, Windows 7) and we want to install a new epo 4.6 server to manage our clients now.

Is there a best practice to configure the epo server?

Which important attitudes have to be made with virusscan 8.7/8.8 (Windows XP and Window 7) ?

Greetings Ray

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Re: Best Practice

The way to configure ePO is depending on many things, like organisation size, number of clients, number of locations, WAN connections, company security regulations etc etc.

There is no overall best practice that fits everyone.

I advice to read the product guide and admin guide to get familiar with the basics of the product and based on that you can start the installation.

Once isntalled and configured, you can start deployment of agents to a small number of machines, slowly adding more and more machines.

I assume that your clients are now configured with the same policy,so you have to configure that policy in ePO before adding machines to the ePO system tree.

ePO is quite flexible, so if you think that a different policy is better, you can change that at any time.

Some McAfee Partners (like the company I work for)  offer consultancy jobs to advice or perform the installation and rollout. It is also possible to ask McAfee consultants, depending on your support contract this might be free of change.

Good luck!

Re: Best Practice

I haven't looked at it, but there is this for ePO 4.5:

I don't see one for ePO 4.6, but my guess is it would be pretty much the same.

For all ePO docs, look at:

You can choose ePO from the drop-down, then specific versions.

The page load time was really slow when I was looking just now, so be patient .

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Re: Best Practice

I wasn't aware of this guide for ePO 4.5 , but after a quick scan it isn't much more than a rewritten product guide. But maybe this will help you in setting up your ePO server.

It might clarify some things that wasn't quite clear.

If you have any other questions, please post your question here..

Re: Best Practice

Thanks a lot for the informations.