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Backwards Compatibility Service (macompatsvc.exe) memory leak

This issue has been plaguing me since I upgrade to v 5 of the McAfee Agent ( a couple of months ago. There is a memory leak in macompatsvc.exe that causes RAM usage by this service to creep up over time. If left unchecked, I have seen it get to 1.8Gb (the longest I've left it before biting the bullet and restarting the agent). I have a batch task ready to go that I'm planning on running if this doesn't get resolved soon - but it's ridiculous that I should be looking at the ballache of doing this. There is another forum post from other users detailing this problem - has anyone had anything back from McAfee with an explanation/ETA for a fix?

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Re: Backwards Compatibility Service (macompatsvc.exe) memory leak

I was advised to restart the service when it occured, can be a bit of a problem on so many servers! Heard nothing on a fix yet.

Our epo system was also pretty much out of the box as I decided to reinstall it instead of upgrade last year, so this will occur for new customers too. Unfortunatley I have a list as long as my arm of other problems I'm having with v5 of the agent, it really can't have been tested much.

Good luck, let us know if you get anywhere.

Re: Backwards Compatibility Service (macompatsvc.exe) memory leak

Getting worse. Found a server that I hadn't included in my scheduled task of an agent restart - having had the agent installed for nearly two months without a restart it was consuming 2Gb of RAM

Needs fixing NOW McAfee - not ignoring

Re: Backwards Compatibility Service (macompatsvc.exe) memory leak

I know, really hit our exchange and sql servers badly, as they already consume all the memory they can, luckily I was able to catch it before it started affecting users.

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Re: Backwards Compatibility Service (macompatsvc.exe) memory leak

Please, if you haven't already done so, open a case with Support. The only way that we can address issues like this is if we have the data to work with.

Thanks -


Re: Backwards Compatibility Service (macompatsvc.exe) memory leak

Have already logged a case with support. Known issue, fix being worked on, scheduled for release as part of P1 in Q1

Re: Backwards Compatibility Service (macompatsvc.exe) memory leak

Does anyone have an update on this? The man hours I've put in to try and sort this is ridiculous! It's causing all our sql, exchange and reporting servers to crawl on their knees.

I'd go as far as saying dealing with it has been worse that dealing with an actual malware/virus outbreak! It's been months now and not even an acknowledgment from mcafee. Their qa for the last few years had been atrocious, this isn't the only issue I'm having with epo at the moment, most of my tasks now run when they want to, never on demand, automatic pushes of the agent don't work anymore, they just hang the scheduler. This is all after 2 fresh installs of the server, so everything out of the box. Come on mcafee you're better than this!

Re: Backwards Compatibility Service (macompatsvc.exe) memory leak

Don't hold your breath. It's not even listed as a 'known issue' on the documentation for Agent version 5, and I was told it would be fixed in Patch 1 for the agent - scheduled for Q1. Now halfway into Q2 and still no word...

Meanwhile, I'm still running batch tasks to restart the service every week on all my servers.


Re: Backwards Compatibility Service (macompatsvc.exe) memory leak

Can't believe I was trying to roll back my agents to 4.8 yesterday, thankfully I didn't get anywhere as in my inbox this morning was this:

Hopefully it fixes the problem and doesn't introduce any more!

Re: Backwards Compatibility Service (macompatsvc.exe) memory leak

Wonderful news!

If only I hadn't rolled all my agents back four weeks ago after getting sick of triaging