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Backup ePo server

I'm not sure if there is a thread on this already. I did some searches on backup ePo servers, and couldn't find the info I was looking for...

I'm trying to install a primary ePo server at a site, and have it manage that site as well as a second site. I'm familiar with this part, and how to set it up, but I also want to setup a backup ePo server at the second site that I can use to takeover if the primary one goes down, or the primary site goes down. Is this possible? How do I assign a server as backup if so? Thanks.
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RE: Backup ePo server


is there any solution so far?

I am also looking for that "feature" 😃


RE: Backup ePo server

Don't think it's in the product architecture - think you're expected to use some form of external clustering for failover support... :mad:


RE: Backup ePo server

In our environment we don't have a backup ePO Server. The reason why is I don't feel it is needed. We have our clients setup to first try the ePO server for updates and if that fails, then go out to the HTTP website.

If we were to turn off the ePO server for several days, the clients would still function and get their daily dats and still run their scheduled tasks.
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