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Backup database from EPO 4.0


I have EPO 4.0 installed on WIN2003 server SP2 and try to backup EPO database according to:

using Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express from:

but it doesn't work.

I start SQL Server Configuration Manager, right-click on ePO server, but don't have any Tasks -> Backup Database options.
ALL Task option is missing.

knows someone what's wrong and howto solve this problem ?
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RE: Backup database from EPO 4.0

this works fine for me and is how I backup.

Did you verify that the user acount has priv's to the databases?
If you've not done so I'd check your user priv's in SQL mgr.

Backup with script

I don't know why you don't see the task options but you can use a workaround and manually backup your ePO database.

I personnaly made a job to backup my data every days but you can run such a script within a query ...

USE ePO4_servername
BACKUP DATABASE ePO4_servername TO DISK = 'd:\MSSQL\Backup\ePO4.bak' WITH FORMAT

You can go further and add a stored procedure to your ePO database

CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[spBackup]
BACKUP DATABASE ePO4_servername TO DISK = 'd:\MSSQL\Backup\ePO4.bak' WITH FORMAT

and then use it within a query or a job ... EXEC [dbo].[spBackup]

Hope that it helps you

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