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BUG in AGENT recurring endless Installations Deployment

BUG in AGENT recuring endless Installations Deployment

AGENT get's re-installed FULLY every time the Deployment Client Task comes



We are a Mcafee Partner and had problems with Agent and installation. We do Agent Deployments since 10 years the same year with all our EPO customers 30+ in count. I am very happy

with how things went regarding Deployment with EPO esp. on Server where there is a very high risk with such things if something goes wrong on 400 servers. There where some exceptions with ENS 10.X to 10.X migrations but that went ok after we and other partners did some research.


With Agent it's the first time we really had problems.

During migration which we do with regular CLIENT TASK we drill down the REPEAT time to 15 Minutes to get this done asap with all clients on the network. We have:


1) One Client Task which runs AT-ONCE, ASAP

2) One Client Task which starts at 00:01, re-runs every 15 Minutes intel 23:59

3) We never worked with TAGS for deployment of AGENTS like we do with other things like DLP, ATP

Normaly during migration phase this never made problems. There is more traffic but things go fine and we turn back repeat times then to 2-4 hours dpending on customers internal IT wish.


Mcafee Agent gets reinstalled even WHEN same version on the machine EVERYTIME the CLIENT TASK was coming. Log generated over 8MB per retry under c:\windows\temp\mcafeelogs example


Some VDI workstations did fill up because they has limited SSD space.


We are unsure if this happend BECAUSE a reboot from monthly Windows Update WSUS Patchday was pending AND we did the migration to 5.5 Agent at the same time.

This is not related to some EPO Version. We had the same effect on 3 three different EPO with different version reaching from EPO 5.3.1 to latest Releas and really all Hotfix after that installed.

The Install file looks ok and we know how to analyze such MSI Installer logs because we do large Software Deployments.

Still we think this is some kind of BUG in


Any help welcome. We can solve this with scripts and delete.

One point i was really getting unsure if i understand the best practive of Agent after doing it 10 years.

But for me this seems like a BUG which may take down VDI if the run full ENS on VDI..




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McAfee Employee cdinet
McAfee Employee
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Re: BUG in AGENT recurring endless Installations Deployment

Please open a ticket with McAfee so they can investigate and get it to development if needed.

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